Nordvestsjællands Erhvervs- og Gymnasieuddannelser (NEG) is the largest educational institution in Northwest Zealand. One of our many campuses is Processkolen, which is located in the city of Kalundborg

Kalundborg – A Biotech City of Opportunities

Kalundborg is not just a city, but a beacon of industrial advancement and biotechnological innovation. It’s a dynamic hub offering a multitude of job opportunities, particularly in the fields of medicine and food production.

Processkolen in Kalundborg is Your Pathway to Industry and Biotechnology

At NEG and Processkolen we are committed to preparing you for these opportunities. Our educational programs are specifically tailored to equip you for roles such as process operator or industrial operator, providing you with an education that is relevant and future-proof.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

We maintain a close partnership with pharmaceutical giants in Kalundborg such as Novo Nordisk and Novozymes. Our collaboration ensures that most of our students find apprenticeships within these pioneering companies, giving them a head start in their careers.

A Broad Range of Programs

Besides specializing in process and industrial operations, we offer education in carpentry, electrical work, and logistics, including warehouse management and transportation. Each program is designed to make you skilled in your chosen field, enhancing your employability.

Begin Your Career Journey

Are you ready to start a promising career in Kalundborg?

Contact education manager Betina Kaae Rasmussen on +45 21 65 72 92 or email: to learn more about how our programs can help pave the way for your successful career in this vibrant and growing region.